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We at "" are trying to assemble resources to help you understand and come to appreciate the unique person of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

We commend him to you as the answer to your life’s deepest needs and questions.

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Lee Strobel

1. Jesus The Only Way To God - True OR False?

(Our thanks to, who commissioned this sermon to complement the movie "The Passion of the Christ")

John Bond

1. Did Christ Rise From The Dead?

2. Is Faith In God Reasonable?

3. Jesus Is Alive

4. Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday,Today and Forever (Our thanks to John Bond for excepting our commission to prepare this sermon to address the banner Text : Heb 13. V 8)

Gordon Moyes - Profile

1. The Uniqueness of Jesus in a Pluralistic World.

2. The Promise of Christ’s Return.

3. The Event that Changed the World.

4. "The Mountain, the Master, the Mystery"

5. "How do I know I am Saved?"

6. "Why the Resurrection is Credible"


8. "Recent Discoveries about the Crucifixion"

NEW - "Meeting Him When You Least Expect It"

(More Sermons from Gordon Moyes...)

Billy Graham - View Billy's New Videos

1. Is There An Answer

2. The World's Darkest Hour

3. Christ's Answer to the World

Ray Pritchard - Profile

1. The Gospel in Ten Words

2. Where is Jesus When We Need Him?

3. A Time to Die

4. Christ and the Problem of Death

5. No Crib for a Bed

6. Faded Glory: Why Christ Had To Come

7. The Triumphant Christ

8. What the Cross Meant to God

9. The Only Way to Be Right With God

The “Four Solas” of the Reformation: By Ray Prichard

Sola Fide: By Faith Alone

Sola Gratia: By Grace Alone

Solus Christus: By Christ Alone

Sola Scriptura: The Bible and Only the Bible

Easter Sermons

Bill Crowder - View Profile

1. The Mockery and Majesty Of Calvary (RBC PDF)

2. The Amazing Prophecy of Names (RBC PDF)

John and Nancy Ortberg - View Profile

Series: 'We'll Keep a Light on for you'.

1. We'll keep a Light on for you. (Part 1 - By Nancy Ortberg.)

2. Hope for when you get stuck. (By John Ortberg.)

3. Coming Home. (By John Ortberg.)

Brian Bill

1. The Seven Shouts

2. The Empty Tomb

Series:  All I Want for Christmas Is?

category image

All I Want for Christmas is…Hope

All I Want for Christmas Is…Forgiveness

All I Want for Christmas Is… Peace

All I Want for Christmas Is…Joy 

Mark Moring

1. Whats So Different About Jesus?

Peter Larson

1. Why The Manger?

G Campbell Morgan - Profile

1. The Authority of Jesus

2. The Darkness of Golthia

3. Pardon By The Cross

4. Purity By The Cross

5. Peace By The Cross

6. Power By The Cross

7. Promise At The Cross


Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

1. He and He Alone

2. Paradise Lost And Regained

3. Jesus Christ And Him Crucified


Leonard Ravenhill

1. He Is Risen

2. It Is Finished

3. The Judgment Seat of Christ

4. The Power Of His Resurrection

J. Sidlow Baxter

1. The Lamb of God - The Vital Focus.

2. The Wonder of Wonders.

Joel Smith

1. Christ and the Contention of the Atheist

David Wilkerson

1. Judgment Day

2. Jesus Is Coming

John Macarthur Jnr

1. True Belief

2. Jesus is the Son of God True or False?

Keith Smith

1. Who is Jesus?

D.L Moody

1. All In All

2. Hell

John Piper

1. The Word Was Made Flesh

2. God Did Not Spare His Own Son

3. The Risen Christ - Satisfied With His Sufferings

4. Palm Sunday - Tears of Sovereign Mercy

5. Quest: Joy Found: Christ!

6. We have come to Worship Him

7. The Saviors Supper and Second Coming

8. The Son of God At 12 Years Old

Billy Sunday

1. He Is Wonderful

A.W Tozer

1. The Cross Is A Radical Thing

Roy Hession

1. The Power of the Blood of the Lamb

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