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We at "" are trying to assemble resources to help you understand and come to appreciate the unique person of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

We commend him to you as the answer to your life’s deepest needs and questions.

Please be sure to have a look at the "Who is Jesus" presentation.


Welcome to the Articles page.

Francis Frangipane.

1. Becoming a Revelation of Jesus.

2. The Beloved.

3. The Stone Which The Builders Rejected.

4. With The Glance Of Your Eyes.

5. The Summing Up Of All Things In Christ.

6. As Christs Passion Becomes Ours.

Dr Harry Ironside

1. The Promised Deliverer.

2. What Is The Gospel?

3. The Greatest Text In The Bible.

4. The Eternal Security of the Believer.

Ravi Zacharias

1. Why Jesus.

2. Empty Stomachs and Broken Lives.

G. Campbell Morgan

1. The Master Himself.

2. The Sufferings of Christ.

3. God's Perfect Man.

James Pender

1. Introducing Christ.

James Gunn

1. The Crowned Christ.

Tom Eastwood

1. His Name - Wonderful!

Geoffrey T. Bull

1. The End Is Sure.

2. Christ - The Needle's Eye.

3. The Word.

A. Naismath

1. The Cross of Christ.

James Nelson Darby

1. “We Beheld His Glory” His Incarnate Glory.

J.B. Hewitt

1. Christ in the Hebrews - The Impressive Minister.

H.A Cameron

1. He Was Wounded.

Sydney Maxwell

1. The Impeccability of Christ.

C.H Macintosh

1. The Alabaster Box.

James Denney

1. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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